Demo 2011

by Somne



T - All instruments and composition.
A - Vocals, Lyrics and concepts.

Available to download for free from various blogspots on the internet.


released February 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Somne Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Suicide through contentment... exist for extinction
Optimistic plane of hypocrisy
Negative light, woven through reality
Vacant existence, grasping for a future
Suicide, the only privilege


Submerged in solitude,
unable to breath, trapped in a spiral of self destruction

Euthanasia. Euthanasia.

Incurable despondency, deceased from birth
worthless intermission before true release
Suicide through contentment, exist for extinction
Track Name: Halls of Melancholy
Serotonin euphoria, an endless coma
immune, unwilling.. Nothing, only dead light.

Hordes of apathy, forgotten illness..
Behind such haze, the darkness cannot reach,
a weightless purity, enshrined in falsities..
the endless drone, emotion lost..

Euphoria.. The portal of reality, everything unspoken..
nothing left.. All greif..
Track Name: Beyond...
Infinite transcendence, a void stripped of horizons
towards the great unknown, towards lost archaic truth
ascend into the celestial ocean of stars
where light drowns the ashes of time

Rise into the divine realm, through the gateway of spirits
Into the cosmos of chemical brilliance, where towering pillars pierce the sky
and luminous spheres hide immortal life.

Plunged into the sea of souls,
Beyond now, the passage of the gods, beyond all life, outside of this existence,
the true spirit is found..